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Q: How do I determine my level? (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Master)

A: The Home Fit Workout Guide was designed for you to determine, and select your level based on your current level of fitness. By doing a workout at the Beginner level, you will gain a baseline for your appropriate level, and will be able to better determine what your appropriate level is.


Q: I want to use the Home Fit Workout Guide, but I am coming back from an injury. Are the exercises okay for me to do?

A: Although this varies on a person-to-person basis, the Home Fit Workout Guide uses calisthenic (body-weight) exercises that can be done as tolerated. Understanding that injuries, and exercise history varies greatly for everyone, the Home Fit Workout Guide could be a great introductory exercise program to recovering from an injury, and returning to exercise.


Q: Will the Home Fit Workout Guide get me the weight loss, muscular gain, and/or toned look that I am after?

A: As with any exercise program, the results of the program will depend upon the amount of effort that you put into your workouts, and your nutrition. Higher effort in all aspects will produce better results.


Q: Should I be changing the workout every time?

A: Our recommendation is that you create one workout for each; Upper Body, Lower Body, Core Body, and Full Body. Use those workouts for 2-4 weeks so you can feel the difference it is making in your strength, and then create a new workout set for each, repeat.


Q: I’m having difficulty with some of the movements. Can I modify the exercises?

A: You can absolutely modify the exercises to suit your needs! For example, exercises that require you to be facedown, you can use your knees as a way to ease the pressure on your upper body. On exercises that require squatting and bending motions, simply go to the point that you start to feel the activation, and return to starting position. Everyone has their own needs, and it is important to listen to your body.

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