What does it mean to ride the wave?

I use the phrase "Ride The Wave" all the time, & it's about time you understood what it means.

Waves are energy.

When I say "Ride The Wave," I'm not talking about surfing, boating, or any other water-based activity (although you could apply my meaning to those as well). When I say "Ride The Wave" I am directing you to take control of the controllable things in your life, & live it to the best of your abilities. It is all about creating the life that you want to live, & taking responsibility for making it happen! You ride the wave by giving your best effort, persisting, overcoming, & succeeding.

Trust me, I know life is not all sunshine, & rainbows. I am not asking or expecting you to live that way either. However, I have high expectations & standards for myself which leads me to encourage others to do the same for themselves. I believe that we are capable of achieving our dreams & visions when we apply ourselves to their attainment with the power, persistence, & flow of a wave.

Let me ask you a question: Does a wave breakdown a rock after crashing into it once? Twice? Three times?

No. It doesn't.

The momentum, persistence, & time of the wave crashing into the rock, over & over, eventually wears the rock down. Gaining the wave a proverbial win over the rock.

The same is true for your dreams, visions, & goals. Very rarely, if ever, does someone succeed on their first attempt. Often the path to success is riddled with setbacks, obstacles, & failures. The win comes after many temporary defeats, & it is only from faithful persistence that success is achieved.

There are undoubtedly going to be ups & downs on your journey. Whether you already have your purpose set, or you're searching for a deeper meaning as to why you're here, the waves of life will try to over take you. It's your job to control what you can, accept what you cannot, & continue on your path regardless of circumstance.

Simply, it all comes down to energy. Waves are energy. Energy is waves. What type of vibes are you putting out? What type of energy are you aligned with? Are you riding someone else's waves, or are you making your own? The choice is entirely up to you. Create your energy. Ride the wave.




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