Ride Your Wave

The Exclusive Multi-Point Program designed to enable action-ready clients to transform their physical fitness, mental health & unlock their potential in just 4 months!




Perhaps you’ve been running from job to job, place to place, person to person searching for answers about how to take control of your full potential.

Or perhaps you know yourself pretty well, have an idea of how to activate your potential, & you want to act on your plans once & for all?

You’ve always known yourself inside-out. You’re even ready to take action towards your envisioned life.


Or you’ve had to learn who you are through work and life experience.

But let’s face it:

And now you’re wondering...
"How can I create the life that I know I should be living?"

Now What Will You Do?

You could give up on your goals, and live the remainder of your life uncertain that you've made the right decisions.

You could continue to live in anxiety, lack self-confidence, & hope that one day you no longer feel like you're not good enough to achieve your dreams.

You could continue living life at a level below that which you know you are capable of & watch as others take control of their lives & do amazing things with their time & potential.


You could start uncovering your potential & start creating the body, mind, & life that you love.

Why Stacey & Why Ride Your Wave?

As a highly self-motivated coach with over 10 years of experience in coaching roles, Stacey helps passionate men and women create incredible transformations in their mental & physical health in as little as four months. After losing his mother when he was just 17 years old, Stacey persisted through academic & athletic endeavors at the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, winning 2 Big Ten Conference & 2 NCAA National Championship Titles while earning his degree in Psychology. He then embarked on careers in software account management, gymnastics coaching, & professional sports-entertainment with WWE in search of fulfillment. Each position reinforced Stacey's drive, determination, resilience, & understanding that his purpose resided in mentoring others who sought to uncover their potential to lead fit, & confident lives. 

During the past 5 years, Stacey has unleashed his potential through:

  • Winning a 2nd consecutive National Championship with The University of Michigan's Men's Gymnastics Team

  • Earning a Bachelors Degree in Psychology from The University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

  • Performing As A WWE/NXT Superstar

  • Launching and managing his successful Fitness & Lifestyle Coaching Business

  • Being featured on People.com, E! News, Entertainment Tonight, WWE Network & many more

Now We Want To Help You Achieve The Same Sucess. Why?

Well, that’s easy! We believe in the life vision you’re so passionate about, and we want to see you experience that as your reality!

… to get out of bed each day with enthusiasm for the life you’ve created

… to enjoy the freedom that comes from living out your higher potential

… and to feel the difference in ALL areas of your life as your confidence, health, & fulfillment grow

Most People Feel Like Their Opportunity For Fitness, Health & Happiness Has Already Passed...

So, they live their life as a result of circumstance instead of a purposeful creation of their very own (without even realizing it).

Here’s the thing: their mindset is holding them back! When an opportunity to step up comes their way they start thinking...

"I'll never be as fit as I'd like to be..."

"Things don't usually work out for me..."
"I’m not confident enough to do what I really want..."
"I’m not made to do great things..."

Luckily that's NOT you! You're not just another drifting individual.

You've got your passion, desire, and pure life experience that leads you to want to transform your physical & mental health, find fulfillment, & unlock your potential, & now you’re ready to take control of your life & happiness!

Ride Your Wave

In Ride Your Wave You Will...

Transform your physical fitness through proper nutrition & exercise

Have the support of your coach through each step of the program

Learn how to cultivate consistent fulfillment & drive in your life

Transform your mental health through self-discovery, & self-mastery

Learn your personality type & what makes you tick

Build your self-confidence, & self-belief through practice & action

Gain a deep understanding of your core values

Discover your personal strengths & natural talents

Dive deep into your motives & find your big motivator 

(Your "WHY") 

What's Included

We have trailblazed and are the creators of this method because it's the ONLY way for passionate individuals to get real results. It includes 1:1 coaching, access to multiple coaches, full email support, personalized reviews, and workbook modules all in one.

As a program participant, you don't just need modules and workbooks. You need personalized reviews, 1:1 coaching sessions with a personal coach who knows you intimately, & to learn from a team of experts.

As soon as you enroll in Ride Your Wave, you’re going be involved in a community of like-minded individuals with one common goal: To create a fit body, strong mind, & happy life for themselves & others.

1:1 Coaching Calls on a

Bi-Weekly Basis

Receive 1:1 coaching from Stacey Ervin Jr. & his team 2x per Month.

12 Distinct Workbook PDF's & Templates

Receive 12 workbook PDF's that give you step-by-step instructions on how to transform successfully. 

 Exercise Program

Receive 12 weeks of Workouts. Created for your fitness goals.

Personalized Nutrition



Personalized Nutrition Planning. Tailored to your specific fitness goals. 

Full Email Access

Email Stacey & his team for 4 months. Submit your questions directly to our  team for personalized support.

Lifetime Access To Materials

You will have access to the workbooks for life, as well as, any of the updated workbook materials created after your time.

With All Of That Together You Get...

Not just any old program for action-ready individuals looking to unlock their potential, but:

THE Go-To Online Physical & Mental Transformation Program For Individuals Ready To Create Their Best Life In Physical Fitness, Mental Health, & Happiness.


Ride Your Wave is for individuals who are 100% committed to creating their best self, & following their passions to live a happy life.

Because of that, Ride Your Wave is by application only.

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Ready To Transform Your Body, & Mind, & Start Living Your Life Happily Confident?

Enrollment in Ride Your Wave is by application only. Your spot can only be reserved if you’re seriously committed to changing your life and creating your best self now.

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Individual results may vary.

It's important to add a disclaimer to say that results aren't guaranteed. You actually have to apply the strategies if you want to transform your mental & physical health & fitness. We define our work as partnering with our clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. This means that our clients are fully responsible for their own success. Our goal is to help cut down the learning curve for our clients to speed up the process and make the process easier and more enjoyable.